About Me

I was born and raised outside Boston and moved to New York City in August of 1977 the same week that Elvis Presley died and the Son of Sam was apprehended. 

Movies and photography shaped my early years and gave me a way to make sense of my world. I spent my weekends watching Hammer Studio horror films at the Capital Theater in Arlington, MA and picked up my first camera at nine years old, a Kodak 110 Instamatic. A year later I owned a Polaroid Swinger that I took with me everywhere. I discovered the incredible power that a picture can have on the viewer, taking one into a private world in which an entire story unfolded within a single image, a story that, unlike a scripted movie with its set characters and plot points, was totally created in the mind of the person looking at it. 

This website is about my personal work, my stories, as it were. I find that I am still drawn to the same kinds of things I have been drawn to since childhood- bizarre, cinematic, surreal, ethereal- and that the camera gives me the tool to capture and commit them to a permanent visual experience.

Included here are two works-in-progress, “Wallpaper Saints”, portraits of individuals from the gay, lesbian and transgender community inspired by the religious holy cards of my Catholic youth, and “Crime Story”, a series of imagined crimes of passion.

I also have a website of commercial work- interiors and architectural photography- as well as a portfolio of portraiture. Please have a visit at:

I still live in New York City and divide my time between Manhattan and Livingston Manor, NY.